Managing Partner - Boston


Mr. Nelson joined CMTA as the managing partner of the Boston Office in 2019 as part of a merger with CMTA and Engineered Solutions, Inc. (ESI) of Boston. He brings 28 years in the industry coupled with 18 years of experience at ESI in the design and optimization of large central chiller plants, heating plants, cogeneration plants, custom air handling systems, direct digital control systems and other mechanical systems. The majority of his experience has been in mission critical facilities such as hospitals, laboratories and data centers where interruption of services is not acceptable. He also has extensive experience with higher education and commercial buildings. He works closely with his clients to ensure that our designs deliver the lowest cost of ownership, are simple to maintain and operate to provide the best building environment. His attention to detail, quality and technical expertise have been instrumental in helping our clients achieve their building, construction and energy conservation goals and initiatives. It was this expertise and strong client relationships that attracted the two firms to merge allowing CMTA to broaden our geographical reach to the New England area.